This Is A Religious Muslim Cleric In Jerusalem - Does He Represent The Religion Of Peace?

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Let me begin by making something very clear. 

I know moderate Muslims and they are as anti-radical Islam as anyone else. They actually despise the radical Islamic terrorists and they admit that there is a problem. 

If one is a moderate Muslim, it means we are on the same side, fighting the same evil. The people who are being murdered the most by the radical Muslims are the moderates. The people who are being stripped of their rights in their own countries by a radical Islamic ideology are the moderates. If you are not on our side, you are not a moderate!

This is a video of a 'religious' Muslim cleric giving his religious opinion of Jews according to Islam. There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims that pray on the Temple Mount every week and no one has spoken up against him or demanded his resignation. 

What is your conclusion? 
Should Israel take control of the Temple Mount?

How Muslims Are Using Israel's Democracy To Destroy Israel

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Unfortunately, Israel is not spared the liberal hogwash that puts the entire free world in danger. While there are those who call Israel an Apartheid State, we are upholding democratic and equality laws and protect the freedoms of those who actively seek Israel's destruction. I call it "Libertardation".

Let me make something perfectly clear, there is nothing honorable about upholding someone's freedom of speech when they are trying to destroy you.
That kind of attitude is unethical, suicidal and down right...stupid.

Over the years Israel has had radical Islamic terror apologetics serve as parliament members in the Israeli parliament. Achmed Tibi who served as the arch terrorist Yasser Arafats's right hand man, even served as speaker of the house! #Libertardation! 

We have had radical Muslim members of Parliament who traveled to countries that are at war with Israel as well as those who gave information over to the enemy during war time and those that actively arm radial Islamic terrorists with whatever they need to murder Jews. In todays "Libertard" world, the liberals are up in arms to protect the rights of these terrorists and simply ignore the danger they cause to innocent people. 

Meet Hanin Zoabi. Ms. Zoabi was born in Israel in 1969. She is a full fledge Israeli citizen and was educated in Israeli schools, received her BA from Haifa University and a Masters from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Hanin worked in the Israeli Ministry of Education and was responsible to improve education level in the Arab sector. 
Does it sound like Hanin was a victim of Israel's horrible racism or rather someone who benefitted from Israel's equality?

Is there anything in Hanin's resume that would give her a reason to hate Israel? Most Islamic regimes she sides with would not allow her to earn the degrees she earned in Israel and a 48-year old single female Muslim is not given much respect in Gaza. 

On May 31st 2010 several ships sailed from Turkey under a false identity of humanitarian aid to Gaza. For those of you who still believe Gaza is some kind of tragedy stricken area, it's time to stop drinking the Kool-Aid!  <--READ HERE

What was on the Flotilla "Peace" boat? 
So happy you asked! 

Nothing to see here!

Only bullet proof vests, knives, Hamas flags, axes, sling shots, some home made grenades and some other clear indications that this was a peaceful vessel (I do hope you hear the sarcasm). 
I am sure some of you will claim these items are actually tools for the people in Gaza. Of course they are...

Ok then, I guess this passenger who was traveling on the Flotilla was just giving instruction on how to use this dagger to....stab a Jew!

So what does this have to do with Hanin Zoabi?
Once again I am so happy you asked.
Along with the terrorists on the Flotilla, there was a very special passenger who clearly saw the weapons present on boat as well as witnessed IDF soldiers being brutally attacked and even watched as one almost had their eyes gorged out by one of the terrorists on the boat. You guessed it! The honorary passenger on this terror boat was none other than Israeli parliament member Hanin Zoabi! She claimed she did not know about the weapons and then claimed IDF bordered the boat with loaded weapons and shooting random people.
The truth? A teman of 15 Israeli commandos abseiled onto the ship to stop it from reaching an area under military control the soldiers were armed with paintball guns, plastic bullet riot dispersal handguns and hidden fire arms just in case. The first team commander was thrown over deck head down, abducted andstabbed. The second and third commando were grabbed off the rope and an activist attempted to gorge out their eyes. The "peace activists abducted the stabbed soldier to the lower level of the boat and left him bleeding with knife in stomach while they took his stun gun grenade an pistol and used it on the other IDF soldiers. Below is what Hanin Zoabi seemed to have missed that the entire world saw. 

Just in case you want to claim Zoabi was not on the boat, here is the footage from the boat itself where Zoabi attempted not to be filmed!

I wish this would have been the end of the story but unfortunately for Israel, Zoabi made a bigger fool out of the Israeli government. The truth is, the Israeli government made a full out of themselves when they paid millions of dollars of compensation to Turkey over the Flotilla!

Dear Israeli leaders,
When you choose diplomacy over truth and make us the bad guys in order to build relations with a country that would like to see you destroyed, you actually make us the victims. STOP IT!
If you pay those who attack us then you are aiding and abetting terrorists to continue to murder Jews, STOP IT! If you allow people like Zoabi, Tibi and other radical Islamic terror apologetics to serve in the Israeli Knesset under the disguise of freedom of specch, you actually strip the rest of is of our freedom to live!

Definition of a Liberal
One who fights and screams to protect the rights of everyone besides those who are being threatened by the people they are fighting to protect. 

Should Israel strip these radical Muslism of their citizenship?
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Abbas Just Gave A Present To The Saudi King That Is Causing Mass FacePalms In Arab Villages

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For years, Arabs have been fabricating history with a national claim called Palestine. Only the radicals in Israel have continued to point out that the Palestine claim is a sham and as a result, we have been called everything from racist to Islamophobe.

People have said that we are denying reality and it's time to admit the existence of an Arab Palestine entity that existed in the area for hundreds of years before Israel "occupied" it from them. 

Ok, people, sit back and enjoy this facepalm move from no other than the leader of the "Palestinian" people, Abu Mazen, better known as Abbas. 

Mr. Abbas wanted to show off the rich and long history of his "Palestinian" people to the Saudi King, whose name is ironically Salman. 

When we Jews want to show off our religious, historical and national ties to the land of Israel, we show coins from two thousand years ago or pottery and stone with Hebrew writings on it or archaeology that is witness to the Jewish rule in the Land of Israel that existed before ... well, before Islam did.  

Abbas could not find ancient coins to flash the existence of a nation that, well, did not actually exist, so what did he do? He brought a piece of "Palestinian" history that would prove Palestine was real and they did have a culture, a history and even a national newspaper. 

Abu Mazen, the government leader of the Palestinian people, presented King Salman of Saudi Arabia with the front page of the Palestine Post from 1932!

What are all the Zionist Hasbara trolls to do with this?!
Did Abbas just prove there was an Arab Palestine before Israel?

Calm yourselves people, do you see the expression on the King's face? There is a reason he is looking so uneasy. 

He is probably embarrassed with the utter stupidity of Abbas!
See the Palestine Post was a JEWISH ZIONIST newspaper that was printed for the English speaking population in British Palestine. 

Check out this headline from the Palestine Post!

Unless Abbas is going to claim they were very happy about the State of Israel being born, he just carried out the facepalm move of the century and from the looks of it, King Salman knows it. 

I am guessing the only reason the King is not facepalming himself is because he has his hands are on one of the best proofs that Palestine was more Jewish than it was ever Arab! 

The kicker in this story is the fact that the once Palestine Post is now known as the Jerusalem Post and when the editor of the Jerusalem Post got hold of this story, he could not help but tweet this out. PERFECT! 

You think Jerusalem Post will give Abbas a complimentary membership? They could not have asked for better PR! 

This is not the only artifact that proves the entire Arab Palestine claim as false. Click Here for 5 more Palestinian artifacts that show there simply was no Arab Palestine anything before the State of Israel.

Also, check out Israellycool who was one of the first to break this unbelievable ridiculous fail by Abbas. He is also the account to follow if you enjoy exposing the lies spread by anti-Israel trolls.

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