Why Is The Number Of Arabs Killed In Gaza So Low?

War is a terrible thing and people suffer from it. More often than not, innocent people pay the price of war and even when victory comes, it comes with a very high price tag. You will never see pictures from war that will make you smile. Dead soldiers, women or children are never an easy thing to see. You will never look at them and feel all warm and happy inside. 

They say that 550 Arabs ("Palestinians") have been killed since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge. To make things worse (or better if you're a Palestinian PR professional) Israel's fatalities stand "only" at 22.

The difference in the number of fatalities has nothing to do with the amount of weapons or firepower but rather with the culture difference between Jews and Arabs.
While Israel has spent over a billion dollars on bomb shelters and defensive weapons like the amazingly effective Iron Dome defense missile system, the Arabs have spent every last dime the world donated to Gaza to purchase long and short range missiles and build miles and miles of tunnels to be used by terrorists to murder Israelis. Israel has invested in defense, Hamas has invested in offense.

Israel places the Iron Dome in residential areas to protect civilians, Hamas places their missiles in residential areas to endanger their civilians. The difference is quite clear.

It is not the Israelis who are saying Hamas is firing from civilian areas, Hamas themselves admit it and brag about it!

This video from 2009 clearly shows Hamas armed terrorists using a UN ambulance as a shield.

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Here Is Why Israel REALLY Went In To Gaza & Why You MUST Support Them!

The real question you should be asking is, with over 700 tons of bombs that Israel has dropped on Gaza, how is it that "only" 550 Arabs have been killed? Don't get me wrong, any innocent person killed in war is a tragedy and I am not looking to kill anyone but I have heard the claims against Israel and they say Israel is committing genocide and that we are targeting innocent civilians and not terrorists. If you believe Israel is AIMING for innocent civilians then either you know you're lying or you think the IDF has bad aim! 
Dear anti Israel activists, if Israel was trying to commit genocide, we would have already prepared Gaza to be the next World Cup Football field or solved the Tel Aviv parking problem.
We would have flattened Gaza!

So if genocide was our goal, why have ONLY 550 Arabs been killed in Gaza?  There should be hundreds of thousands dead!
Here, look at Syria for example. This is what genocide REALLY looks like, try to find a live person!

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Not only are we not looking to flatten Gaza, we tried to give Arabs who live there a chance to build a Middle East oasis. When Israel left in 2005 we left greenhouses and equipment that could have been used as a base for a very successful economy. Instead of using the equipment Jews left, Arabs totally destroyed it and instead of greenhouses, they built missiles and tunnels.

Are there innocent people in Gaza getting killed during this war? Absolutely! In every war there are civilian fatalities. So why aren't loads of Israelis being killed? Because our government is spending money on defense while Hamas has spent all Gaza's money on terror!
Perhaps this can explain it a little better

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Not only does Israel protect her OWN civilians, we do everything possible to protect the innocent people of Gaza.
Watch this pilot call off a strike on a major terrorist due to the proximity of children.

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Even when the IDF does attack it makes sure to pinpoint attacks as much as possible. Watch this IAF pilot hit the south side of the building then wait till every single person leaves the building before taking it out!

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Last but not least please show me a leader who was committed to genocide and called the victims of his "genocide" to warn them that his army is coming and that he means them no harm!

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If you're still playing the number game, let me make something perfectly clear! During the Shalit deal, Arabs demanded 1,000 of theirs for 1 of ours. This is the ratio they themselves demanded.
1 Israeli = 1,000 Arabs. Their Numbers, Not Israel's
Considering 22 Israelis have been killed, our force is no where near disproportionate force!

One last point. Israel IS stronger than Hamas and more Arabs will probably get killed than Israelis, but we didn't start this war. You can't fire missiles and then whine about getting your TUSHIE (Backside in Yiddish) kicked!
Dear Arabs, please stop starting wars, we keep winning. Apparently Allah is a ZIONIST!

Here Is Why Israel REALLY Went In To Gaza & Why You MUST Support Them!

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I have been getting some serious heat from some Tweeps on @IsraelShield (yes follow me) and some very nasty comments on the IsraelShield Facebook page. 
I have heard everything from anti-semitic 'I killed Jesus' (who they claim was a palestinian) to even liberal fools who tell me that this ground operation was unprovoked.

  • I am not going to talk about the 10,000 missiles shot from Gaza aimed at civilian populations in Israel.

  • I am not going to talk about the fact that in 2005 Israel completely left Gaza (every inch up to the 1967 border) and in response they voted in Hamas and started bombarding Israel!

  • I am not going to even discuss the fact that Hamas refused every ceasefire offered to them! 

  • I am not going to discuss that the IDF has located the long range missiles in Gaza in hospitals, schools and UNRWA buildings!

While all these facts are enough of a justification to react, there is a much bigger picture here. This ground operation should have happened a long time ago, and it has nothing to do with missiles. 

Israel is fighting a culture of evil, of self genocide, of terror and a fanatic Islamic regime that worships death. I will keep the videos short but they should all be seen and shared!

Who is Hamas? (In their own voices)


This is not just some radical group who yells and doesn't do anything to actualize their dreams of death and destruction. Even their own kids are indoctrinated to hate and murder.
 To SHARE Video--> Children Are Taught To Murder

If this is not child abuse, I don't know what is!
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 US & Europe fund Gaza Education 
 To SHARE Video-->  Gaza Racism Is US Funded

The use of children is not limited to the classroom.  For Hamas, a dead Arab child is more valuable than a live one, Watch!


This war is not about land or missiles. Israel is now fighting the forces of evil and terrorists who worship death over life.
To the people of Gaza who are not terrorists, should be throwing roses at the IDF who are now fighting the terrorists who turned Gaza in to a war zone. It's very simple, you either support Israel or you're part of the problem! 

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