What Really Happens In The Al Aqsa Mosque In Jerusalem

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The Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem was built over the Temple Mount where the two Jewish Temples stood long before Islam existed. I understand the frustration of those who need to fabricate history in order to hate Israel, but come on people! 
Let's forget for a second and make believe this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with a land conflict. 
I said forget for a second because after you watch what actually happens in the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, not only will you remember this has everything to do with religion, you will realize you are in just as much danger as Israel is.

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Listen To This Past Hamas Child Beg The World To Support Israel

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Masub Yousef is the son of who was the head of Hamas. He grew up in Gaza and experienced first hand the suffering that Hamas causes their own people and specifically children. Peace can only come with truth and Yousef gives the world a full course on the truth of Hamas. Listen to this hero and SHARE it to the world!

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EXPOSED! The So Called "Religious" Jews Who Are Anti-Israel Actually Follow Islam

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It was always hard to watch what seemed to be religious Jews siding with those who seek the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews. This video explains their seemingly self-hating attitude. The anti-Israel "Jews" actually have accepted Islam!

It all makes sense now!

Just in case you want to claim that the radical Muslims have nothing against the Jews and only hate the Zionists or perhaps you think this situation is new and started after 1948, please listen carefully to the words of this official PA cleric. I don't think Israel was around when Mohammed said these things.

To understand further on how these "Jews" perverted Judaism in order to bash Israel read:
When "Religious" Jews Pervert Judaism To Hate Israel

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