The Video That Has Palestine Activists Up In Arms! You MUST Watch This!

First of all, I want to thank @Mayqueen96 (follow her on Twitter) for bringing this video to my attention! This is what social media is all about - my followers are my best source! 

Anyone who defends Israel against the online onslaught of anti- Israel propaganda and lies, knows how delirious the other side can be. The situation in Israel is quite simple IF one just opens their eyes and wants to be honest.

Israel is a State that believes in equality and freedom while the enemies of Israel who call themselves "Palestinians" often call for and actually implement an ideology of death, terror and destruction. 

Every time Pat Condell publishes a video on the Israeli-Arab conflict, the truth becomes clearer and those who support the lies are left dumbfounded as Pat explains with perfect clarity just how right Israel is. 

Watch Pat's latest video below and let me know what you thought in the comments below. I am actually hoping to hear from some pro-Palestinians - would love to hear them attempt to refute this! 

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Is It True That Only The Minority Of Muslims Are Fanatic? Watch Ben Shapiro Say NO WAY!

ISLAMOPHOBIA is a term used for people who have hatred towards or fear of Islamic doctrine, Muslims, or of ethnic groups perceived to be Muslim.

I would like to give a different definition to Islamophobia, but before I do, I would like to clarify one important point. I do not hate Muslims in any way, shape or form. Whether it be my 
Muslim neighbors from Bethlehem or my friends from the U.S. who happen to be of the Muslim faith, they are actually suffering not from those who are Islamophobes but rather from the radical Muslims who believe that terrorism is the way of Allah. 

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Unlike racism, which is based on a person's skin color or their non- violent belief system, Islamophobia is a fear of dying by the hands of a religious belief that allows followers to murder you, whether you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim, and all in the name of Allah. 

The biggest Islamophobes should be Muslims themselves. Moderate Muslims (yes, I do believe they exist) are the ones who should be most frightened by fanatic Islam. After all, they are infidels punishable by death under Sharia Law. 

Are all Muslims fanatics? Of course not!
Where does the majority stand?

@BenShapiro goes head to head with the opinion that only the minority of Muslims are fanatic and after watching his video, you might just become a bigger Islamophobe, especially if you're a moderate Muslim! 


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Here's How You Can Buy An IDF Soldier A Drink! LITERALLY!

I have been serving in the IDF for longer than 20 years now.  I still remember the tears of happiness and pride I shed when I first put on my uniform in 1992. The fact that the last time the Jewish people had an army to protect them from their enemies was in the time of King David, still sends chills down my spine! 

Jews have gathered from all four corners of the Earth to come back to the Land of Israel and it is in our hands, with God's help, to keep that land safe from those who seek our destruction. It is for that exact reason why every time I put on my uniform I feel a shot of historical pride shoot through my veins. 

The IDF Campaign Idea

In the IDF vest there is room for cartridges, ammunition, grenades, a back pouch for extra stuff and two pockets for water canteens.

These plastic water canteens hold a liter of water and the cool temperature usually lasts about 30 minutes under the hot sun. We are usually too busy with important details to worry about taste but these plastic bottles have a very distinct taste to them and it is not a very good one. 

The problem is the IDF infantry vest has very limited room and we would rather take another 100 rounds of ammo than try to stick an additional bottle of water in our vests. 

An operational water pack that fits in the back pouch and is insulated to keep the cool temperature of the water.  There is another life-saving advantage to these water packs which can make all the difference in the world. When drinking from the canteens everyone must stop what they are doing to get the canteen out of their vests and hold their positions until they put the canteens safely back in the vest. 

These water packs fit perfectly in the back pouch of any IDF infantry vest and soldiers can drink while mobile. 

I have been in touch with one unit who has asked for 200 water packs and when I reached the original goal, I received another call from another IDF unit stationed on the Syrian border for another 200 packs! 

I will be delivering 400 packs to IDF soldiers who have been on duty throughout the Jewish holidays and we are still missing some sponsors! 

Now's your chance to say say "THANK YOU" to IDF soldiers who are on guard 24/7.

The cost of a single pack in $25 and we are almost at our goal! Sponsor 1, 5 or an entire unit. 

Anyone who sponsors more than 5 packs will receive their own IDF infantry beret. 

To contribute, click here--> Quench An IDF Soldier OR
 click on the Tank team below! 

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